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Prize Claw 2 hack

Prize Claw 2 Hack Tool, Generator and Cheats

Are you looking for the most engaging prize, grabbing game ever? Prize Claw 2 is a mobile game that offers cool features with interactive elements guaranteed to keep you glued to your phone.

Basic Features of Prize Claw 2

The general idea behind the game is to keep your eyes on the prize. In the game, you will be required to capture all kinds of prizes. If you are lucky enough, you can get a hold of the rare prizes like unicorns.

As the name suggests, you will be furnished with a typical claw machine coupled with little hooks. During play, you will use the claw tactically to collect your prizes. These prizes are in the form of animals (cats, monkeys, dogs) etc.

The more prizes you collect, the more coins you earn in your future capsules. Progressing into the game allows you to upgrade new claws that possess various abilities. You are also required to complete unlimited missions: three at a time.

Prize Claw 2 Game Play

The gameplay is what makes Prize Claw 2 interesting. The simple action of mindlessly grabbing prizes wouldn’t cut it: otherwise the game would have been a pretty horrible waste of time. The game combines a meta system of collecting, upgrading with a bit of missioning which adds a whole new impressive twist.

The control, sound and animation are pretty much realistic. It also offers beautiful HD graphics.

What’s more is that the physics of grabbing prizes has been designed to be slippery and floaty. Grabbing on to a prize is like trying to hold on to a greasy balloon. You can also explore various power effects like lightening, tornadoes and explosions.

The Downside

There are a few annoying features in the overall game play structure. For example; every time you operate a claw you are charged five coins. If the coins run out you will have to wait for two hours before you can play again.

Bottom line: Play Claw 2 is a pretty sweet game that mimics the unfair quarter sucking machine from Hell. To all the gamblers out there brace yourselves: this is one game you would fall in love with.

If you want the game you can download it for free both for your android and iOS. You can also download the hack version which offers unlimited coins plus unlimited gems.

Prize Claw Cheats

If you want to gain extra grabs you will be required to go to your settings and change the timing. This allows you to have more grabs. Also you can download the hack tool below to get free coins and gems.


Prize Claw 2 hack tool



  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock all Boosts
  • Automatic daily updates to ensure that the hacks are still working fine
  • No Root/Cydia/Jailbreak needed!
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  • Works for PC, Mac, all browsers, Mobile phones and tablets(Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod)
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How to Use Prize Claw 2 Hack Tool:

  1. Download the Prize Claw 2 Hack Tool bellow.
  2. Connect your Android or iOS device to your PC via USB (you must have the game already installed)
  3. Open the hack tool and click Detect Device button.
  4. Select your features and enter their values.
  5. Last one – click the Start button, it will automatically update the game.
  6. Enjoy your hack!


Download Prize Claw 2 Hack Tool, Cheats and Tutorial:



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Prize Claw 2 Hacked

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