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Pocket Mortys hack

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While waiting for Nintendo to release an official Pokémon game, you can now play the extremely popular Pocket Mortys on Android and iOS, a similar type of game based on the popular Adult Swim animation show on Cartoon Network, Rick and Morty, where you play as Rick and collect and train Mortys to fight your rival, Mysterious Rick.

Catch ‘Em All!

In Pocket Mortys, your goal is to get back your portal gun from the Council of Ricks by exploring different dimensions to find, capture and train many different versions of the Adult Swim shows’s clumsy main character – from Ancient Morty to Hippy Morty to Wrestler Morty – and face them off against your rival’s Ricks to collect their badges, allowing you to confront the Council of Ricks. New types of Mortys continue to be added to the game, so catch them all!

So Much To Do

You’re in for a major adventure, coming across numerous Mortys of all kinds, catching them using mind control chips, and training them to battle rival Ricks across the multiverse’s many dimensions. You will see your favorite characters from the show like Mr. Meeseeks and Bird Person, do tons of side quests and learn recipes to craft many super cool items to help you in your journey!

Not A Cheap Knockoff

If you’re thinking this is yet another Pokémon ripoff, don’t worry. The concept and style are very similar – but the world completely resembles the Adult Swim show, fully incorporating its elements, with the typical humor on full display. Fans of both Rick and Morty and Pokémon will absolutely love this game, but it will also appeal to fans of either one of the franchises in general.

Awesome visuals loyal to the show, diverse and addictive Pokémon-style gameplay elements, and tons of humor – you cannot call yourself a Rick and Morty fan without having played this game, so what are you waiting for? Join the millions of fellow fans and download Pocket Mortys for Android or iOS for free right now!



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