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NBA LIVE Mobile hack

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NBA LIVE is a revolutionary game that brings the ultimate gaming experience to mobile devices. While attempts to steal the ball at any opportunity you get may not take you further in the game there are specific strategies you can apply to win the game. This brief overview looks into specific tips and strategies that you can use to make advancing in the NBA Live fast and easy.

Tips and Tricks for NBA LIVE Mobile

  • Focus on Your Team’s Strengths– First; identify the strengths of each player using custom MyTeam roaster or NBA franchise. Allocating a player a position that does not suit their strength is counter-productive for your team.
  • Employ Timing and Selection Skills in Shooting– Carefully time the jump-shot release to match with the bar’s right part. Moreover, shot selection is very important and you should search for well positioned teammates. Also focus on the shot clock and avoid shooting while the defender has their hand in your face.
  • Master On-Ball Defense tricks– Master the art of defending using both analogue sticks. While the left stick manages primary movements, the right stick enables you to take accurately precise on-ball defense. You can employ the simple flick strategy that causes your player turn in that direction while his shoulders remain square thus preventing your from offensive players.
  • Double Team– Knowing when to and how to double team can help you stifle the dominant offensive forces. Choose an appropriate teammate for each double-team as great selection will determine the result. Ensure you do not leave a dangerous shooter freely open around the arc. However, it is vital to know when to release the button and employ a conventional defensive shape.
  • Post key players– Ensure the player you are posting has a rating of 80 or up to eliminate chances of missed shots and turnovers. This is a great offensive tactic that can set you up for a win. Learning basic moves such as post spin is also important that can be employed after isolation will keep you ahead of the opposing team. However, employ only the moves you have mastered and continue to learn others.

NBA LIVE Mobile game will introduce you to a world of first-class gaming.


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